The Ultimate Guide to 21st-Century Dating

Asserting that most people have bad dates because they are using a dating method not suited to their personality or that doesn't attract the type of person they wish to meet, this guide will help lonely hearts of all ages understand the type of partner and relationship desired and figure out which dating style is best for finding the perfect match. After some self-assessment and soul-searching, singles will date smarter by matching t...

Wechselspiel der Begierde: Gesamtausgabe

Wechselspiel der Begierde - Komplette Gesamtausgabe als Sammelaband Sinnliche Serie: Band 1 bis 5 Julia ist noch nicht einmal 19 Jahre, doch sie steckt in einer handfesten Lebenskrise! Nach ihrem Abi weiß sie nicht mehr weiter und fühlt sich leer und verloren. Auch ihr Freund Ben, an den sie sich in ihrer Verzweiflung klammert, ist eher das Gegenteil eines liebevollen, leidenschaftlichen Partners. Schließlich begegnet sie völlig über...

Sex-Pass: Sexuelle Passgenauigkeit mit 423 Fragen zum sexuellen Profil (German Edition)

In meiner langjährigen Tätigkeit als Paartherapeutin komme ich immer wieder mit Menschen in Kontakt, die trotz viel guten Willens einfach keine echte Befriedigung miteinander erleben. Dabei schafft eine sexuell stimmige Beziehung eine Harmonie, die in den Alltag ausstrahlt. Eine erfüllte Sexualität ist eine starke, Beziehung stützende und tragende Basis. Sex macht glücklich oder extrem unglücklich. Je nachdem, ob das Liebesleben rich...

Great Sex for Life: Essential Techniques

This guide, for anyone wishing to enhance their love-life, explores the secrets of sexual attraction and demonstrates how to introduce excitement and heighten pleasure through foreplay, oral sex, a variety of positions, fantasy and erotic play.

The Top 100 Healthy Recipes for Babies & Toddlers

Give baby the best start in life with these 100 super-healthy recipes-and establish good eating habits that will last a lifetime. Renée Elliott, the creator of Britain's Planet Organic supermarket chain, has created a collection of easy-to-make dishes that focus on organic ingredients, excellent nutritional value, and child-appealing taste. The yummy selection ranges from Dried Apricot Purée and Spelt Pancakes to Chicken & Mushro...

Asian Aphrodisiacs: From Bangkok to Beijing - the Search for the Ultimate Turn-on

"Tiger penis soup? Rhino horn on the oyster half shell? Give me a break!" So says bestselling author Jerry Hopkins as he meets the people, visits the places, and "road tests" dozens of Asia's most popular aphrodisiacs in the first definitive survey of the region's best and worst "turn-on's. Expanding the usual definition to include lotions as well as potions, sex toys and aromatherapy, music and massage, exotic Asian belief systems, ...

Anne Hooper's Sexual Intimacy

Anne Hooper's Sexual Intimacy is based on the premise that great sex takes more than great technique. A great relationship is the key to lovemaking that grows more intense and fulfilling with every encounter. This fully illustrated guide by best-selling author and noted sex therapist, Anne Hooper, helps individuals gain insight into their attitudes and emotions, as well as those of their partners, and explains how to use cooperation ...

An Idiot's Guide to Sex

At last - a book telling you all you wanted to know about sex but were too afraid to ask. Don't be shy, it's all here, from bad breath to love-bites, the first fumble in the dark to the morning after - you'll soon discover that birds and bees have nothing to do with it. From the most angst ridden teen to the couple wondering what they're missing, this guide will enlighten and entertain.