Condensed Matter Optical Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Introduction

57e8515326aa8.jpg Author Iulian Ionita
Isbn 9781466569560
File size 18.6 MB
Year 2015
Pages 414
Language English
File format PDF
Category Physics

Book Description:

Discover a Modern Approach to the Study of Molecular Symmetry

Classroom-tested from an author experienced in teaching a course on condensed matter spectroscopy, and introductory spectroscopy and lasers, Condensed Matter Optical Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Introductioncontains over 200 color illustrations and provides a clear overview of the field. Intended for undergraduate students in a variety of majors, this text presents the application of molecular symmetry on optical spectra (ultraviolet, visible, infrared, and Raman) through group theory, and uses numerous examples to illustrate practical theory applications.

Recognize the Symmetry of Any Atomic Arrangement and the Point Group to Which It Belongs

Divided into five chapters, this book is designed to help students choose a method or several methods for material characterization, measure a correct spectrum, and interpret the spectrum or correlate the spectra obtained using different methods. It includes solid-state active media for lasers, as well as coordination and organometallic complexes, minerals, and metal ions in biological systems, and also provides 3D representations.

This book addresses:

  • Classifying molecules according to their symmetry
  • What happens when an ion of transition metal enters an environment with a given symmetry
  • How atomic orbitals are involved in molecular bonding
  • Whether the molecule is a rigid construction or a dynamic structure (which can either interact with light or not at all)
  • How to perform a reliable spectrum measurement

Condensed Matter Optical Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Introduction does not require any prior knowledge on group theory.



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