Ionotropic Glutamate Receptor Technologies

This detailed volume explores key technologies that are used currently to investigate iGluR structure, function and physiology.  Chapters in this book cover methods to help illuminate the assembly, trafficking, molecular composition and subcellular location of iGluRs; approaches used to understand the atomic organization of iGluRs; and techniques to monitor receptor activity in real time. Written in the popular Neuromethods series st...

Green Documentary: Environmental Documentary In The 21st Century

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, a stunning array of documentary films focusing on environmental issues, representing the world on the brink of ecological catastrophe, has been met with critical and popular acclaim. This cohesive and accessible volume is the first book-length study of environmental documentary filmmaking, offering a coherent analysis of controversial and high-profile documentary films such as Gasl...

Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish, And Other Weird Animals

I bought this book on a whim, and I was pleasantly surprised. The core of the book is a series of small chapter entries on various odd animals, all of which is very science-savvy, and many are up-to-the-minute with recent discoveries. Most of the animals are truly odd or at least very novel. I truly treasure this book for its amazing content and readability, I have read it 2 times already. The book's only shortcoming are the Gary-Lar...

Wetlands (5th Edition)

The single most important book on wetlands, newly expanded and updated Wetlands is the definitive guide to this fragile ecosystem, providing the most comprehensive coverage and in-depth information available in print. Recently updated and expanded, this latest edition contains brand new information on Wetland Ecosystem Services and an updated discussion on Wetland, Carbon, and Climate Change and Wetland Creation and Restoration. Due ...

Mechanobiology Of The Endothelium

The endothelium is an excellent example of where biology meets physics and engineering. It must convert mechanical forces into chemical signals to maintain homeostasis. It also controls the immune response, drug delivery through the vasculature, and cancer metastasis. Basic understanding of these processes is starting to emerge and the knowledge gained from research is now being used in applications from drug delivery to imaging moda...

C. elegans: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology)

The aim of this volume is to provide a step-by-step guide for implementing a selection of novel techniques in the lab. Each protocol in this volume is presented as a standalone chapter, specifically geared towards addressing practical needs without presuming prior knowledge of the technique at hand. Written in the highly successfulMethods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, l...

Fish And Amphibians (britannica Illustrated Science Library)

Updated for 2013, Fish and Amphibians, is one book in the Britannica Illustrated Science Library Series that covers today's most popular science topics, from digital TV to microchips to touchscreens and beyond. Perennial subjects in earth science, life science, and physical science are all explored in detail. Amazing graphics-more than 1,000 per title-combined with concise summaries help students understand complex subjects. Correlat...

Tumor Necrosis Factor: Methods and Protocols

A comprehensive collection of readily reproducible techniques for TNF production, characterization, mutagenesis, and detection in biological specimens. Also included are several in vitro assays and animal models for studying the role of TNF in various TNF-related diseases and in cancer. The collection offers molecular and cellular biologists, pharmacologists, and toxicologists a diverse set of versatile, cutting-edge tools for illumi...

Woodpeckers Of The World: The Complete Guide

A beautiful book Daily Express This is by far the best and most comprehensive set of woodpecker images ever assembled and their overall standard is exceptional. Rare Bird Alert an attractive, accessible and inviting work Into the Woods and Elsewhere this is a great book...the only photographic guide to include all woodpecker species on the planet, and is replete with great photography. Avian Review a glossy and scholarly labour of lo...

Consumers And Nanotechnology: Deliberative Processes And Methodologies

The book is a highly relevant and important contribution to wider contemporary debates on the nature and division of responsibilities and the roles and influence of multiple actors and constituencies in contexts which bring together innovation under late modernity and plural governance within modern democracies. In recent years, questions about democratic influence on science and technology have received much attention. The lesson fr...