William Woodward: American Impressionist

This is a truly lavish art book! For all who love American Impressionism and New Orleans, this book is a visual delight. In addition to the handsome reproductions, five leading art historians present engaging essays on the life and times of William Woodward, artist, architect, and art educator. The topics cover his early training in the American Arts and Crafts movement on the East Coast, his tenure as professor of architecture and f...

The Multispecies Salon

This book is a trip, and a beautiful one--very high quality collection. I was moved by each contribution. For those (like me) not familiar with bio-art, eco-art, and what have you, you'll be stimulated by having to consider human cheese, or goat-milk soap containing traces of a goat's thousand mile journey. Also a strong implicit argument for anthropologists for "making culture" to come after "writing culture." A new approach to writ...

Thinking About Art: A Thematic Guide To Art History

With over 200 colour illustrations and a wealth of formal and contextual analysis, Thinking About Art is a companion guide for art lovers, students and the general reader. It is also the first A-level Art History textbook, written by a skilled and experienced teacher of art history, Penny Huntsman. Thinking about Art explores some of the greatest works of art and architecture in the world through the prism of themes, instead of chron...

The Art Of Music Production: The Theory And Practice

The Art of Music Production is the first book to comprehensively analyze and describe the role of the music producer in creating successful music recordings. Now in its fourth edition, it is the definitive guide to the art and business of music production. Author and producer Richard James Burgess distills this complex field by defining the distinct roles of a music producer.The first part of the book outlines the underlying theory o...

Revealing Art

Why does art matter to us, and what makes it good? Why is the role of imagination so important in art? Illustrated with carefully chosen colour and black-and-white plates of examples from Michaelangelo to Matisse and Poussin to Pollock, Revealing Art takes us on a compelling and provocative journey. Kieran explores some of the most important questions we can ask ourselves about art: how can art inspire us or disgust us? Is artistic j...

Women And The Arts: Dialogues In Female Creativity

This collection brings together twelve essays that tackle the nexus between gender, literature, and the visual arts. While it provides a philosophical and theoretical background for some of the factors that shape female creativity, it also considers the contributions of particular writers and artists from the late 17th century to the contemporary scene. Mostly focusing on the U.S. context, the articles anthologized here further estab...

Ethnomusicologizing: Essays On Music In The New Paradigms

Ethnomusicologizing contains writings on contemporary music and culture studies, offering glimpses on more than just music history through reflective essays, interviews with contemporary artists, and exercises in the analysis and criticism of popular culture. In this work, Banfield instructs readers in the ways by which we may better appreciate and understand creative artistry and process, and their relation to history and its meanin...

The Art Of I Love You

Really cute book! Its exactly what I thought it would be. It's small (check the dimensions) but I'm very pleased This valentine of a book is brimming with hip contemporary art celebrating matters of the heart. Flowers, hearts, doilies, chocolates, and couples holding hands are all reinvented here with a cool modern twist to create a new visual vocabulary that expresses all those tender sentiments we can't quite find the words for. Fe...