Architecture of Resistance

Cultivating Moments of Possibility within the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

5bdfef644d454.jpg Author Yara Sharif
Isbn 1472447883
File size 81MB
Year 2017
Pages 242
Language English
File format PDF
Category Architecture

Book Description:

Architecture of Resistance investigates the relationship between architecture, politics and power, and how these factors interplay in light of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. It takes Palestine as the key ground of spatial exploration, looking at the spaces between people, boundary lines, documents and maps in a search for the meaning of architecture of resistance. Stemming from the need for an alternative discourse that can nourish the Palestinian spaces of imagination, the author reinterprets the land from a new perspective, by stripping it of the dominant power of lines to expose the hidden dynamic topography born out of everyday Palestine. It applies a hybrid approach of research through design and visual documentary, through text, illustrations, mapping techniques and collages, to capture the absent local narrative as an essential component of spatial investigation.



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